Union Baptist Church of Cincinnati



We are a people on the move for Christ since our chartering date of July 21, 1831. Union Baptist is totally committed to Jesus Christ, His Word, and people, and we want you to experience this reality throughout the ministries of our church!

Now go ahead and take some time to browse around this site and return often to our site. We will be adding more information and features in the days and weeks ahead.

 If you are exploring our website because you are planning a trip to Cincinnati or are moving here and searching for a church home, please email or call us if we can assist you in anyway. We would love to extend to you the hand of Christian fellowship.

Union Baptist Church of Cincinnati is all about compassion, “Love in Action!” Whether you attend regularly or are our guest, we want you to experience the wonderful Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

 A Message for Today’s Meditation Especially for You… 


“You must follow the Lord your God and fear Him.  You must keep His commands and listen to His voice; you must worship Him and remain faithful to Him.”   (Deuteronomy 13:4)

Deal with God, and come to Him and say, “Lord of all, I belong to Thee, I am absolutely at Thy disposal.”  Yield up yourselves.  There may be many who cannot go as Missionaries, but oh, come, give up yourselves to God all the same to be consecrated to the work of His Kingdom.  Let us bow down before Him.  Let us give Him all our powers—our head to think for His Kingdom, our heart to go out in love for men, and however feeble you may be, come and say: “Lord, here I am, to live and die for Thy Kingdom.”

Some talk and pray about the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Let them pray more and believe more.  But remember the Holy Spirit came to fit men to be messengers of the Kingdom, and you cannot expect to be filled with the Spirit unless you want to live for Christ’s Kingdom.  You cannot expect all the love and peace and joy of heaven to come into your life and be your treasures, unless you give them up absolutely to the Kingdom of God, and possess and use them only for Him.  It is the soul utterly given up to God that will receive in its emptying the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Andrew Murray (1828-1917)