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We are a people on the move for Christ since our chartering date of July 21, 1831. Union Baptist is totally committed to Jesus Christ, His Word, and people, and we want you to experience this reality throughout the ministries of our church!

Now go ahead and take some time to browse around this site and return often to our site. We will be adding more information and features in the days and weeks ahead.

 If you are exploring our website because you are planning a trip to Cincinnati or are moving here and searching for a church home, please email or call us if we can assist you in anyway. We would love to extend to you the hand of Christian fellowship.

Union Baptist Church of Cincinnati is all about compassion, “Love in Action!” Whether you attend regularly or are our guest, we want you to experience the wonderful Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

 A Message for Today’s Meditation Especially for You…

“God Is…”

The LORD reigns!  He is robed in majesty; The LORD is robed, enveloped in strength. The world is firmly established; it cannot be shaken.”   (Psalm 93:1) (HCSB)

Admitting that Jesus was indeed the God-man, the hope is vain of either escaping or explaining the mystery which invests Him; for He presents the phenomenon of history, original, unique, solitary; no being like Him, before or after.  Here is a combination heretofore supposed to be contradictory and impossible!  God is infinite; space cannot contain Him, nor time limit Him.  Man is finite, fenced in by the definite bounds.

How can the unlimited and limited combine and unite?  All our previous notions of things are contradicted in the God-man.  God is omnipresent; yet here is God, submitting to the laws and limits of a human body, which can occupy but one place at any time, and must, by the law of locomotion, take time for a transfer from one place to place.  God is omniscient; yet here is being claiming equality with Jehovah, yet affirming that there are some things which as a man, and even as the Messiah, He knows not.  God is omnipresent; yet the God-man says He” can do nothing of Himself,” and that it is God dwelling in Him that “doeth the works.”  AMEN.   

Arthur T. Pierson (1867 — 1911)