Rev. Alvin L Wyatt

Minister of Youth, Christian Life and Witnessing
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Go ye therefore and make disciples…Matthew 28:19

The bible teaches that we should make disciples. Disciples are followers of Jesus. Before we can make disciples, we should first make sure that we are followers of Jesus ourselves. We must make sure that we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior.
Have you truly surrendered your life to Jesus?
Are you studying His word with the intent to apply it to your daily life?
Do you sincerly worship Him?
Are you serving him in the way that he wants you to serve Him?
Are you giving the Lord your best?

One must answer the above questions honestly in the positive and only then can one help others to become a follower of Jesus. This is the ministry that God has called us to. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I teach people how to move from just being “church members” or “church attenders only” to becoming true followers of Jesus Christ and what it means to be His disciple. Church member, church attender or disciple of Jesus Christ which are you?

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